Poems About the House by Carol Millner

POEMS_ABOUT_THE_HOUSE_CAROL_MILNER"In Poems About the House Carol Millner negotiates complex moments of belonging and estrangement with great wit and tenderness. Her meticulously pared back poems lend the reader the acuity of an outsider’s eye as she shows how it is equally possible to resist and fall in love with an adopted home. This is rescued work made in an emergency—‘a language lost in flight’—that will last." - Lucy Dougan

"The lyrical swing and boom of these lines summon up a world that is almost perfectly strange. Carol Millner's voice is disarmingly familiar, and yet skewed - her take on the task of living has a glint in its eye." - Jennifer Compton

No need to rationalise when the mining tax
is about to max out, the kiwi you met
is set for the next shout and the good times are
rolling like the Scarborough surf.
No need to empathise with the homeless guys
or get yourself a copy of their Big Issue when you
head home in a four-wheel drive
to five air-conditioned bedrooms.
No need to philosophise when the day’s raffle prize
is an Argyle diamond, a carillon of bells adorns
the shopping arcade, and inside the church they’re
wearing Freudian slips —
The Great Gold Almighty
is praised for the creation of all things —
‘All things bright and beautiful…’
No need to rationalise, empathise or philosophise
when the good times are rolling like the Scarborough surf.

Carol Milner

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